Band of Brothers Unites.

We created building and landscapes so that you as the customer can have all your needs met under one roof, from design and planning right through to the finishing touches and little details that really set your project apart from the rest.

Having gained feedback from existing clients one commonality stood out more than the rest, which was that they had trouble finding good quality and honest tradesmen that are able to undertake all aspects of building, landscaping and construction work.

Commonly you will find builders that are able to undertake certain elements of the build but won't touch the others, or landscapers that might 'know of someone' that says he can provide construction service.  The trouble with this is it can lead to uncertainty on finished build quality, unreliability and potential missed deadlines and a stressed out, worried client.



Minimising headaches

By having one company managing your project the amount of stress and hassle is greatly reduced, as we are the ones that will be taking that extra workload on board by scheduling all aspects, liaising with inspectors, ordering materials and being in contact with all the relevant tradesmen.